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Spanish and French Online from Mississippi State University
Offerings for 2016

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages & Literatures currently offers three semesters of Spanish and three semesters of French online (German coming soon!). When you successfully complete any of our classes, you will be awarded three hours of standard, transferable college credit.

Summer and Fall 2016 enrollment begins March 31!

Course Semesters Offered
Spring 2016 Summer 2016 Fall 2016
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
French I
French II
French III
German I
German II

Official University Class Schedule

Click here to see the official university schedule. From the drop down menus, select “Spring Semester 2016” or “Summer Semester 2016” or “Fall Semester 2016”, whichever is relevant and available, then select “All Parts of Term”, “Center for Distance Education”, “Foreign Languages”, and “Undergraduate”.

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