Dr. Salvador Bartera


Dr. Bartera received his undergraduate degree from the University of Urbino, Italy, and his PhD in Classics from the University of Virginia. Although he was trained in both literature and archaeology, he specializes in Latin language and literature of the classical period, especially historiography, and is also interested in the history of the classical tradition. He has published articles in both fields, in addition to numerous reviews and several papers given both in the US and abroad. Dr. Bartera is an active member in the classics community, and is involved in several research projects, national and international. He is currently working on a commentary on Tacitus and on the interrelationships between prose literature and poetry.

Before coming to MSU, he taught for several years at the University of Tennessee, where in 2013 he was the recipient of a prestigious teaching award. He regularly teaches Latin and Greek language and literature, but in the past has also taught Italian language, culture, and even a cooking class.

Dr. Bartera enjoys practicing cycling, swimming, and hiking. But especially good food.