Dr. Silvia Arroyo


Dr. Arroyo received her Licenciatura en Filología Inglesa (BA) from the Universidad de Granada, Spain (1998) and her Master's and Ph. D from the University of Colorado at Boulder (2011). Dr. Arroyo's research focuses on Peninsular Golden Age literature (16th and 17th century) and, specifically, on rhetoric in Renaissance medical discourse. Her article “La retórica de la peste: imaginería apocalíptica en los tratados de peste del Renacimiento peninsular” is forthcoming in the Summer issue of Symposium. She is now working on an article on the theater play La verdad sospechosa by Juan Ruiz de Alarcón, and has been busy this year attending Conferences like the NAAAS Anual Conference (Baton Rouge, LA - February 2014), the Biennial Lousiana Conference on Hispanic Languages and Literatures (Baton Rouge, LA – February-March 2014), the Kentucky Foreign Language Conference (Lexington, KY – April 2014).

Dr. Arroyo is the coordinator for Spanish I and II courses. She has taught Spanish language, literature, and civilization classes at MSU.